Just one reason why Bing is shit.

We all see it, Microsoft think they are awesome, so awesome are they that are upt about their 37th different attempt at a search engine to compete with Google. “Bing”, not only is it a stupid name, it has poorly design logo and feel like live search with a cheap new suit. And, as a test, I searched for “hahlo” expecting hahlo.com to come up first, just as it does on Google, nothing. Hahlo.com doesn’t appear in the first 15 pages of results, I gave up after that. I tried searching for “hahlo.com” and even that didn’t work. Microsoft should stick to making bad operating systems.

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    1. It looks like Microsoft has gone into the Trojan virus business. I don’t know where it came from but bing has hijacked my Firefox search from the address bar and I have not been able to get it removed. I have searched the web for “remove Bing from Firefox” and there are plenty of people with this same trouble, and what seems to work for them (going in to Firefox “about:config and changing Keyword URL) doen’t work for me it still shows Google as search engine. But when ever I enter a wrong or incomplete url in the address bar I get a Bing “crap” search that is of no help. Should report Microsoft as a virus generating web site to all Anti Virus Companies.

    2. I had a website that usually appeared on the first page on google and bing for a certain searched term.
      The site still shows on google but has completely disappeared from BING.

      Even when i type the whole URL, it still doesn’t show up in bing. What could be wrong?

    3. Was ding.com taken? Makes more sense. Or…dingdingding…too complex. Regardless, bing.com doesn’t freakin’ work right and I still use yahoo search from time to time. It reeks of offshoring to a country that will not be named that speaks English but doesn’t understand colloquials.

    4. Bing image search is much better than google image search. No paging, automatically loads as you scroll. That’s great.

      Your search for hahlo sounds like a pretty lame test. You obviously have a lot of experience in software testing. I’m so impressed. Wait, seach doesn’t only look at the domain name? I can’t just make a site and have it instantly number 1 because it’s domain name is what people search for? Good lord. I am in awe at your research. I think 37 is a pretty impressive exageration. Why not go for tripple figures?

      People reading this page should actually have a look at bing. I still use google for searching technical pages. But bing is my number 1 for images when I need them. If I am looking for something particularly obscure I check on both. And sometimes google is better, sometimes bing is better. I think bing has been extremely successful and works well enough. If you pay attention you’ll find it appears google is paying some significant attention. And if you randomly talk to people that aren’t microsoft haters you’ll find many of them already refering to binging.

      I welcome Bing as it will hopefully drive another technology push between microsoft and google that will benefit us all, regardless of who the winner at the end of the day is.

      Hating a company for being successful, and for trying something again they didn’t instantly succeed at, is idiotic. The fact this is the first result when searching for “bing is shit” on bing and google should be evidence enough that, in actual fact, it isn’t shit at all.

      • I’m not even sure why I’m replying to you since I’m almost 100% certain the email address you provided isn’t real, but this is my blog and that gives me right of reply, so, a few bits of food for thought.

        1. You’re not familiar with sarcasm are you?
        2. Why is it unreasonable to expect that typing in a full domain name into a search should result in that site being returned? I’m not so worried that its not the first result, but surely it could be somewhere in the first 10 pages, especially when the https site (which is nothing but a bog standard media temple landing page that barely even mentions the word ‘hahlo’) and the development site BOTH come up on the first page.
        3. My test was never meant to be an all encompassing test of bing’s credentials as a competitive search engine, why exactly would I waste my time performing such an activity?
        4. Yes, 37 is a pretty impressive exaggeration. You know why? Because it IS an exaggeration.
        5. People who refer to “binging” should consider checking themselves into a mental help facility.
        6. I too welcome bing, and its future replacements. Microsoft obviously has some time to kill.
        7. I don’t hate Microsoft for being successful, when did I say that? Oh, I didn’t. If I hated successful companies this blog would be full of hatred for Apple, Dell, Sony, Toyota, McDonald, Nike, etc etc.
        8. I hate Microsoft for doing dumb shit that sets the progress of the Internet back. Internet Explorer for example.
        9. “For trying something again they didn’t instantly succeed at”? Ok, but how many “agains” do they get? They’ve had numerous attempts and in the same time Google has changed how many times?
        10. The fact that so many people are searching for “bing is shit“should tell you something. Something like, many people think that bing is shit.

    5. I, too, found this page by binging “bing is shit”

    6. I found this page on Bing by searching for “Bing is a shit!”. My first and last search on Bing. Thank you Bing.

      • I also found this page by search for “bing is shit”!

      • But I just type: “bing shit!”. Thanks Bing, thanks MiniSoft.

        Who know this joke: after first night Billy’s wife understand, why he call his company micro & soft :)

    7. lol, this page is now the top result when you search bing for: “why is bing so shit”

      keep up the good work!

    8. Totally agree. It really hasn’t impressed at all. What’s worse is that it’s a branding nightmare. MS have completely cocked up their web activity branding over the past few years. They can’t make up their mind who they are. Are they MSN? are they Live? Are they Bing?

      If you go to bing.com and want to do a map lookup you get taken to the immensely shit multimap.com. Go to maps.live.com and you get forwarded to bing.com/maps

      What about Live Mail, which became Windows Live Hotmail, which integrated with Windows Live Mail on the desktop which confused the hell out of everyone. Am I a nick@live.com user, or should I be logging in with an @hotmail.com account. It’s all so completely retarded.

      Go shopping on Ciao, not shopping.bing.com. Go to your live.com profile and do a search, the default is the Live “people” search, but use that same search box from your Live Hotmail account and you get dropped into bing.com, oh, and I’m no longer signed in. Click sign in to get redirected around various MSN passport type things before coming back to bing.

      Heard of bing community? Nope, that’s hidden away in extras if you do a search. What is it? I’ve no idea:

      Welcome to the Microsoft Bing Community — Remember, don’t post your personal information”

      About what? Microsoft Bing Community? Are we going to see Microsoft Live Windows Bing Hotmail next?

      This is a PR company/marketing person’s nightmare.

      Change your country location (my default was United Kingdom) to Ireland and suddenly you can ‘search’ for videos or shopping or maps, they’re just gone.

      It’s a total disaster. Microsoft need to work out their identity issues and damn quick. No one has a clue what they’re meant to go to any more.

      Your rant has sent me off on one. I might turn this into a blog post ;)